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Zenescope release first three minutes of Grimm Fairy Tales animated pilot


Zenescope Entertainment is proud to unveil the first three minutes of their Grimm Fairy Tales Animated pilot:

The pilot was fully funded through a 2012 Kickstarter project.

Zenescope have completed the pilot for the animated series and are in the final stages of getting all of their rewards together to ship out to the backers. Overall, their fan-base and pledgers are just excited to have been a part of the process and have been extremely supportive, and patient as Zenescope gets the rewards in order.

Kickstarter gave Zenescope the opportunity to ask the people if they would want their Grimm Fairy Tales animated series, and they responded yes. They didn’t have to go through the Hollywood process, and still came out with an A+ product, with a ton of talent on board. Zenescope hopes more individuals with great ideas use Kickstarter as a way to make their projects a reality, but also to gauge the interest.


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