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Zenescope Entertainment Fills Fall with Conventions, Launch Issues and Zombies


This weekend, visit Zenescope at Comikaze in Los Angeles October 31 – November 2nd. Zenescope will have the official Comikaze exclusives plus you can meet creator Ralph Tedesco, writer Pat Shand, and many more at booth 903.


Join Zenescope at Comikaze just HOURS before the premiere video trailer for Hollywood Zombie Apocalypse (release 11.5.14) OFFICIALLY hits social media!  This two-part comic miniseries features some easily recognizable celebrities facing a comically horrifying scenario.

Which of them will remain living, breathing superstars and which of them will become A-List zombie food?

Click Each Cover For A Sneak Peek Video:




Zenescope Entertainment will close out their convention season with a trip to Wizard World Tulsa November 7th – November 9th.  Check out the amazing convention exclusive and join Zenescope at booth 525 in Tulsa next weekend!


And finally, some news on the LAUNCH series:


The LAUNCH logo makes it easy for new fans to identify a good place to pick up the story of their choosing. For comic retailers, the logo can be an effective and easy marketing tool to help introduce existing fans to new stories and direct new fans to great jumping on points.  New Launch Titles in stores in the upcoming weeks include:

Cinderella Age of Darkness #1 (11/5/14)
Robyn Hood Ongoing #4 (11/26/14)
The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild Issue #1 (12/03/14)

The first 7 retailers at each convention to stop by the Zenescope booth will get a Launch Pack Free!

For more information about the convention dates, comics and books, or anything else regarding Zenescope, be sure to check out www.zenescope.com.

Zenescope Entertainment celebrates their 10th Anniversary in 2015!

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