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XRF New Racing Oil From Lucas


Lucas Oil Products, Inc. has launched a new series of top flight oils and lubricants titled XRF (Extreme Racing Formula) targeting the racing market. The launch first announced at SEMA in Las Vegas,  has followed 18 months of race testing by some of the premier teams in NASCAR, IndyCar, Off-Road and NHRA.

XRF breakthrough racing technology began development when Lucas Oil partnered with Richard Childress Racing and Earnhardt-Childress Racing Technology (ECR) just over eighteen months ago. XRF is a unique blend of zinc, moly, phosphorous, and special additives. According to Lucas Oil’s CAO and General Manager, Tom Frederickson. “The XRF line are the most effective advanced lubrications available and include utility lubricants such as engine break-in oils, gear oils, greases, and suspension fluids.”

Lucas Oil, Director of Motorsports Tom Bogner said. “XRF is a major breakthrough in racing oils and lubricants. It raises horsepower in the toughest of environments and most importantly provides better engine protection between oil changes. The new zinc technology and special additives offer the racer a thicker and tougher film that can bond with the moving parts in a high-performance engine to help protect them from destructive metal-on-metal contact.”

Technical Director, Mark Negast said. “The key is finding the right base oil and additive chemistry to provide synergistic performance benefits.”

Today Lucas Oil Products is the world leader in the production of high performance lubricants and problem solving additives with 272 unique formulations marketed in more than forty countries around the globe. With the biggest variety of shelf products of any oil company, Lucas Oil is sold in more than 30,000 auto parts stores nationwide and at every truck stop across the USA.

To get more information on XRF and its many applications, go to the Lucas Oil website or call (800) 342-2512.


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