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World Class Studio Opens in Las Vegas


It’s been said that everyone has a song in them. Imagine though having one of Lady Gaga’s song writers to help you mold the words and melody, then collaborating with Celine Dion’s Musical Arranger, laying down the tracks with some of the best session players anywhere and getting the whole thing artistically pieced together afterwards by John Mayer’s Mixer. The Omnitone, a world class recording studio right here in Las Vegas has revolutionized the process of making top notch “radio ready” recordings by assembling a virtual dream team of award winning professionals and making them accessible to song writers and musical artists at every level.

Darren Sher, Omnitone Producer and Owner uses Technology to redefine the recording process making collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry possible for anyone who has  the talent and the desire to create a song. It’s common for an Omnitone client to have a creative song writing session with the likes of  Nikki Gregoroff  (who has collaborated with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears) via Skype in New York in one session, create some custom loops for a song that needs it with Steve Skinner  (Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle), then have a track mixed by one of the best in the world at his craft, Jeff Juliano (John Mayer, Jason Mraz,, Dave Matthews) in Maryland. “Skype, File sharing and real-time remote mixing sessions are a day to day reality that makes the recording process universal” says Sher. “It’s not the technology that makes a record great though, it’s the incredible talent that it allows you to tap into anywhere in the country” he adds.

Regardless of what level they are at coming into the project, every Omnitone client can have access to the award-winning music production professionals put together by Sher. While some of The Omnitone Recording Studio clients have been seasoned writers and performers, some of them are also parents bringing in their teens or even their pre-teens who have shown a predisposition to creating and performing songs.

To further the creative process The Omnitone does away with standard hourly studio rates (charging a flat fee per song instead) to provide the time and the guidance necessary (musicians, production, creative input) to mold those ideas into musical gems they can be proud of. Many of these young performers who came in with little more than inspiration have gone on to charting success and even a shot on one of the big nationally televised singing contest shows  (see www.theomnitone.com for artists and musical samples).  Since releasing her album, Omnitone artist, Amy Guess has gained international recognition with fans and in the industry through social media. Her Facebook likes have skyrocketed from about 100 to over 12,000 just a few weeks after her record was released. Another Omnitone client Christina Marie who, at just 20 years old has over 7.2 million views on her Youtube  channel with nearly 30,000 subscribers to her channel..

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