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WonderCon 2014 – Friday Photos and so much more…

WonderCon 2014WonderCon 2014 Friday Photos and so much more…

I’ve been mulling over just what to say about WonderCon 2014 Friday.  It was a day, a Con day, a day of friends, a day of….

OK OK that was sounding a bit to serious.  WonderCon Friday was wonderful.  Though the day started out a bit frantic, I had forgotten that my Friday alarm goes off an hour later than my Monday-Thursday alarm so after having stayed up way to late (or does it count as early when it is after 3am?) I didn’t wake up when I thought I would.  But even with waking up a bit later than planned, even with not getting as much sleep as I needed. Somehow, I managed to get packed, showered, dressed and out the door on time.  I even stayed ahead of schedule after stopping to get gas before hitting the road.  Arrived at the hotel way to early to check in so instead I left my car and bags with the hotel and wandered over to start my WonderCon day by people watching.

People watching? ok ok as a photographer that means start taking photos of the people I am watching. Best part of this was starting to run into people that I knew or that knew me.  It still amazes me just how many people I have gotten to know either by name or by face as I have been covering more of the Southern California Comic Cons.

But back to what you want to hear (or read) about.  There was the family that on Friday deserved the Parenting Done Right award of the day… Mother, Father and both children cos-playing Doctor Who characters… Dalek, Weeping Angel, Ood, and  a soothsayer (seer) from the Sibylline Sisterhood.

Captan America(s), Spiderman, bunny ears on characters, Harley Quinn(s) and so many more. Did I mention even Snake Plissken made an appearance? (though I thought he would be taller!)

Running into friends like Elena and Betty.  And seeing close friends that it had been years since we were at the same con together, thought they were the ones that brought me to my first comic book store and got me hooked on comics.

There was the making the first, second, third and more circuits of the exhibit hall floor, seeing artists and writers that hadn’t been seen in months. And of course the ones that it is the first time getting to meet them in person.  There was the moment of being on the spot about a creator’s book and whether I read it (which I don’t because it just never grabbed me)

Then there was the exhaustion as the end of the day approached and the aches and pains of the first day of WonderCon started to settle in convincing me it was time to head out for dinner and my room to unwind and download the first batch of photos.  Sadly there just wasn’t enough energy left at that point to go through the volume of photos that even Day 1 generated.  This was the busies first day of WonderCon I have seen and that in many ways is a very good thing.  (only isn’t a good thing when I miss people I wanted to see simply because of how busy it was.)

But I promised you photos and photos you shall see.  Without further ado here you go.

WonderCon  2014 Photos


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