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Witchcraft DVD Kickstarter From World Famous Raven Grimassi


Metal Life is asking you to help get our friend Raven Grimassi’s kickstarter program to its goal. We have known Raven for many many years and he is one of the worlds foremost experts on ancient lore and magick. So many heavy metal bands sing of ancient myths, magick, witchcraft and ancient legends that it only makes sense that we metalheads should appreciate this particular kickstarter program. Raven and his wife Stephanie will produce a two hour fireside chat format DVD featuring Stephanie interviewing Raven Grimassi on various topics regarding witchcraft and ancient lore.

We humbly request that each and every one of you contribute to this campaign. Even if your only reason is to help Raven create something that tells the skeptical world that believers in ancient magic are not evil and that our knowledge is far older than the organized religions that currently plague our planet with conflict.

Check out the kickstarter program and please participate. Metal Life Magazine thanks you for your attention and participation.

Show your horns and tell the doubters that magick is the way….


Raven Grimassi taught Metal Life Magazine editor and founder Terry Bunch a lot about the ancient ways and it would mean a lot if you could at least check out the program and rescue it. 10 days from now, it will die and we will all miss out on experiencing this wisdom of Raven Grimassi captured on film.

About Raven Grimassi:
Check out his website here: http://www.ravengrimassi.net/.

Here is a list of books by Raven Grimassi.


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