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WIRED and The Stan Winston School Teach Viewers ‘How to Build a Giant Creature’


WIRED and Condé Nast Entertainment premiered the new digital season of How to Build a Giant Creature on thescene.com/WIRED. Over the next week, the series will give an insider’s look into the making of the nearly 14 foot tall creature, leading into Comic-Con where it will be unveiled to the public.


The creature known as Bodock was built over six weeks in 7,500 hours at the Legacy Effects facility, the award-winning character creation studio owned by four of the FX Industry’s most prolific and respected live-action-effects artists. He is fully functional, stands at 13’6” tall, 9’9” wide, 13’6” deep, weighs 2K pounds, and was partially created using 3D printing solutions from Stratasys, a global leader in 3D printing and additive manufacturing.
The series, How to Build a Giant Creature was born out of the last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, where The Stan Winston School debuted a giant robot mech. This year, a new version of the larger-than-life beast will be revealed to the public and showcased in the new season of the series. From concept to finished product, see the colossal creature come to life, created in collaboration with the Stan Winston School, Legacy Effects, Stratasys, and WIRED.


“Giant Creature is a 14 foot tall, walking, talking celebration of imagination, teamwork and technological innovation,” said Matt Winston, Co-Founder of the Stan Winston School,” Along with our partners at Legacy Effects, WIRED and Stratasys, we hope that everyone he encounters, artists and techies alike, will be inspired to start THINKING BIG.”


“We are excited to debut the series, How to Build a Giant Creature on The Scene with our partners. With last year’s success, we are eager to provide audiences with something bigger and better, which this new creation definitely is,” said Michael Klein, Executive Vice President, Programming and Content Strategy, Condé Nast Entertainment.


To watch “How to Build a Giant Creature,” please visit http://thescene.com/wired/series/how-to-make-a-giant-robot-mech.



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