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WGN’s Outsiders Season Two Pits Old Ways Against Progress With Mixed Results

“No one is above the law, and no one is below it” 

Theodore Roosevelt certainly had a way with words. Season two finds the Ferrell clan in utter turmoil. G’Winveer is granted the title of “Bren-in” or new leader of the clan in light of Big Foster’s absence, and finds herself struggling to lead with the confidence needed in the wake of the ever growing conflict between the “losties” (locals) and the Ferrells. From the other side of the mountain comes a new clan called the “Kinnah” who are looking for fresh resources of food and water since theirs has been tainted by the coal mine run off. G’Winveer invites them to stay with the family, but the Kinnah bring with them new ways and new ideas (along with more mouths to feed) which soon causes a rift among the Ferrells. Meanwhile, Little Foster is charged to find Big Foster’s body, which came up missing after the showdown between Big Foster and Asa, but  finds himself in a personal war between himself, a group of townspeople, and the law. Add in a corrupt legal system and corporate lawyers hell bent on seeing a Ferrell put behind bars, and you have a nearly hopeless situation. Nearly.

While the fight rages on between the locals, the Ferrells, and the mining company, Sheriff Houghton is fully aware he is in a no-win situation but keeps pressing on to see justice done. A family illness and mounting debt leave Wade no other choice but to make a deal with the devil, also known as corporate management, with corporate holding all the cards. Another family situation tests the loyalty of one Ferrell who has finally found his place in the clan, only to see it fall apart before his very eyes thanks to one careless night. The struggle from all sides in season two is very, very real, and quite tangible if not relatable on different levels. Hell of a follow up to season one.

Official trailer for Season Two can be seen here:

WGN’s Outsiders starring Johanna McGinley, David Morse, Mark Jeffery Miller

Created by Petter Mattei

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