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Wacken Alum ‘The Loudest Silence’ Set To Release Their Highly Anticipated Debut Album January 2018


Symphonic metal band from Sarajevo THE LOUDEST SILENCE just announced their debut album called ‘Aesthetic Illusion’.

The band that represented Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries from ex-Yugoslavia at the Wacken Metal Battle as part of the WACKEN OPEN AIR festival in 2015 has finished producing its debut album. For this record that contains more than 60 minutes of music, the band managed to host 5 guest musicians from different music genres, but is most proud of having Mark Jansen of the might EPICA as additional vocalist on the track ‘Gallery Of Wonders’.

The album ‘Aesthetic Illusion’ is partly a concept record, since most of the songs are about immortality of ideas, dreams, art and love, even though the society often does not approve of them, or even condemns them. The message of the album is to believe in yourself, no matter what and follow your dreams and ideas.

The opening track of the album and the first stepping stone of the concept is the song ‘Redemption’ for which the band just released a lyric video. The video has been animated and edited by Edvin Buturovic, with the illustration by Bathoriya Art and the design and art direction by Dzemal Bijedic.

The lyric video can be found right here: https://youtu.be/QMW9RuYuipg

The band also released a trailer for the album featuring 40 seconds of each song, that can be found at this address:

‘Aesthetic Illusion’ – track list:
01. Illusion Aeternus (Intro)
02. Redemption
03. Two-Faced Ghost
04. Wood Nymph
05. Acheron
06. The Loudest Silence
07. Soul Reflection
08. Theatre Of The Absurd
09. Wake Up In My Dream
10. Gallery Of Wonders
11. The Loudest Silence (Through The Glowing Door)

The album has been recorded in the following studios: Studio G, BHRT i MC Studio.
The records has been mixed and mastered in the MC Studio.

The aimed release date of the album is January 2018, when the album will be available online as well as a physical CD.

THE LOUDEST SILENCE was formed by Taida Nazraić (vocals) and Denijal Ćatović (keyboards) back in 2010, in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Mirza Ćorić (guitars) and Džemal Bijedić (bass) joined them in 2013. Damir Sinanović – Bumbar (drums) became a member in 2014.


Keep an eye out for these ruffians; they’re going to make some serious noise in the metal world.

More info: Contact:
www.facebook.com/theloudestsilenceband dzemal666@gmail.com



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