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“Voyager” Kickstarter Launched To Fund The Most Realistic Sci-Fi Series Ever Made


Imagine for a moment the terrifying reality of space. Being all alone, millions of miles from any known civilization or oxygen…where no one can hear you scream, and no one would even notice if you simply disappeared…VOYAGER will be a TV show unlike any other, taking the horrifying reality of space to a whole new level by using real science.

When asked why they are using Kickstarter, one of the responses highlighted the ability for fans to be involved in the show’s story:

“We want to give fans the opportunity to leave a footprint and personal touch in what we believe will become a successful show. We’re also offering a rare behind-the-scenes experience of everything that goes into getting a network TV show made: from the pitch, to the pilot production, and beyond.”

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Prolific screenwriter and producer Richard Christian Matheson is part of the team that will create Voyager. He is the son of award-winning novelist and screenwriter Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), his many credits include last year’s Big Driver (story by Stephen King), Happy Face Killer (starring David Arquette) Chemistry, Nightmares & DreamscapesMasters of HorrorTales From The CryptKnight Rider, and The A-Team.

Here is a quick interview with Richard Christian Matheson:

Similar to how adventurers of yesteryear once sailed the seas or took to the skies in search of the unknown, the show follows a group of unique and conflicted characters, including beings of artificial intelligence, all led by an eccentric and daring Russian billionairess, as they explore new worlds and weird, terrifying reality.


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