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TURISAS – 2014 Stuttgart Germany concert review by Don S.

The Finnish viking(that’s what you get when you combine folk-metal with humpha-folk music)-metal band TURISAS may not be known so much outside of their home-country, but in Finland and the other Nordlands, they fill big venues. Here in Stuttgart, Germany, they played in a small club. But … small club equaled big fun and a great show!

The vikings came out in their typical battle outfits with red and black color on their skin. And they sang about beer, life and women and made me believe that this is the sound of the Finnish forests.

Turisas were supported by STARKILL, a Melodic-Death-Metal band by from Chicago. An absolute new band to me, that I really liked, although I didn’t think the two metal-styles of the bands really fit together this evening. But altogether: a fun-metal-night!

Pictures of Turisas


Pictures of Starkill




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