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THINK TANK 6 from Top Cow review – rating 5/5


Review of “Think Tank #6” from Top Cow
By: Eva Jarkiewicz

Publisher: Top Cow
Year Published: 2013
Co-Creator and Writer: Matt Hawkins
Co-Creator and Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Editor: Matt Hawkins and Bryan Rountree
Review Rating: 5/5

Slacker Genius Dr. David Loren can hack into the military industrial complex computer network to reclassify 3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate from a class 2 pathogen to a class 5 pathogen. He can disassemble the micro-power device of Dr. Sejic to appropriate its extensive battery life for his surface thought reader. But can he save himself from the confines of his own mind?

Having discussed in great detail the future direction of Think Tank with Matt Hawkins the other month in an interview for Metal Life Magazine, I will admit to being eager to see if he would be able to deliver a book that would wow me after knowing the general premise of where we was going to go with the story. Well he does and more than that even knowing a few of the details that would be in this issue, seeing how Rahsan Edekal would bring Hawkins’ story to visual life blew me away. This duo has definitely found the formula for a successful partnership to deliver a story that should be on your must read list.

Considering the humor that he injects into this book it may be a bit surprising to learn that Hawkins’ questions whether he can write comedy. What will amuse one may not amuse another, but he most definitely manages to inject humor into what could otherwise become an overly serious book.

Now don’t go assuming that this issue is nothing but fun and games. It has it’s serious moments but the overall tone is lightened by Hawkins and Ekedal’s ability to inject humor into the story. Just like real life isn’t all humor or all seriousness, this issue has a wonderful blend of both.

Ekedal’s ability with not only all the technical, scientific, military equipment as well as the human emotions never ceases to amaze me. But this issue has one more added item that you probably will not expect and again Ekedal’s artistic abilities bring it to life in a most wonderful style. Sorry to find out what that item may be you will just have to pick up the book and read it for yourself, no spoilers from me.

And let me not forget to mention Science Class. Hawkins’ continues to provide insight into the science and technology that Think Tank includes as part of the story. He has stated in conversations that he wants to keep this book grounded and the science class helps to show that what we might have otherwise mistaken as fantasy or fiction is in truly part of the real world. Since science was never my strong suit I appreciate that he doesn’t talk over the reader’s head and provides URLs to enable the reader to follow the trail of some of the sources available for a deeper insight into this science and technology.

As I have said before, and most likely will say again, this book should be on your Must Read List. A book that can entertain, enlighten and leave you eager to read more is a well crafted book. And so you know, I have read each issue multiple times and not only do I usually find some little detail I missed, I enjoy each reading as much or more than the first time I read the issue. A book that can do that is definitely a book that deserves this score, 10/10. This score is for art, story, concept, delivery as well as for cracking me up for the comedic moments that are injected without going over the top and becoming silly.

Reprinted with permission from Metal Life Eva


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