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The Unspoken- A Horror Movie Lover’s Dream Complete With Gore, Violence, And A Mother’s Love


Nothing to see here….

Brimming with pissed off spirits, misguided intentions, and grisly deaths, The Unspoken is a fantastic horror movie that will satisfy even the most rabid genre fan. Here’s why:

An unspeakable act of violence is committed against a family of four in a small town with the case never being solved. Nearly two decades pass before someone finally moves into the home, this time just a mother and her special needs son who never speaks. The mother, played by Pascale Hutton, hires a young girl by the name of Angela to help her provide care for her son while they are getting established. Odd things begin happening (like they do when you live in a possessed home) including the local law enforcement finding animals that have been sacrificed on the property, but of course everyone just chalks it up to neighborhood kids causing problems.  The son Adrian, played by Sunny Suljic,  takes a strong liking to his new babysitter so Angela feels obligated to stick around, even with things like doors slamming and ghosts appearing out of nowhere that try to kill her start to happen.  Angela gets real curious about her new place of employment, so she begins to do research on the home’s history, and finds some disturbing connections between the home and her family. That’s where things get nasty.

One day while Angela is watching Adrian, a few bad guys break in, and are literally sent to meet their maker which allows Angela find out who is truly behind all of the murders and supernatural events, and has to make a terrible choice: she must either join the family behind the murders or save her own family and take the rap for the gruesome deaths. The ending is quite a cliff hanger.

Well directed, produced, and written, The Unspoken is full of great classic horror movie tie ins, solid suspense, wicked special effects, and top notch acting with a story line that draws you in from the very first upside down cross you see. If you love movies like The Amityville Horror, you’ll absolutely love The Unspoken.

The Unspoken

Lighthouse Pictures

Written and Directed by Sheldon Wilson

Stars Jodelle Ferland, Sunny Suljic, Pascale Hutton

See the official trailer here:

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