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The Metal Experience traveling metal festival in Netherlands starts Mar 22


On Friday March 22, The Metal Experience (powered by Jack Daniel’s) will be launched. The genre’s best Dutch metal acts will be touring The Netherlands with this traveling indoor metal festival. Chiraw, Devious, The Scarlet Claw and Undawn will ascend several stages, each time accompanied by a special guest, with a versatile show that will enchant many metal fans.

The initiator of this touring event is the band Devious. Guitarist Guido de Jongh: “Dutch metal bands are found less and less in clubs and music venues in The Netherlands. Although the market for live music expands for pop/rock and alternative bands, the country’s metal scene seems to shrink. Lately, there hasn’t surfaced a lot of renewal within the genre and kids seem to come out to shows less than before. That’s odd, there’s a lot of talented bands out here, but most perform occasionally at local quality underground initiatives. And that’s where it stops in many cases. A few leaps higher, there are festivals like Dokk’em Open Air, Eindhoven Metal Meeting and Fortarock, who serve a mainly international bill. These festivals help relive the glory days of the infamous Wâldrock and Dynamo Open Air. ‘Allround’ festivals like Dauwpop and Zwarte Cross also offer mostly international acts their stage time. But for the Dutch scene, it all starts at the clubs, that’s where the basis of a good, diverse metal scene is created. And this scene could use a fresh revival right now! That’s why we sought cooperation with Jack Daniel’s as main sponsor and Large Pop merchandising for realizing The Metal Experience. By linking these partners to some interesting, quality Dutch metal acts, we complete the experience of live music and a rock & roll lifestyle so many seek.

Recently there have been shows announced on 3 locations, namely Stairway to Heaven (March 22, Utrecht), Perron 55 (Venlo, April 26) and – with special guest Macabre (USA) – NAXT Stage (Almelo, June 7). The tour will be complemented with Kiehool (Burgum) on June 15 and rock festival Geuzenpop (Enschede, August 2-3), where The Metal Experienced concludes. If successful, a possible part II is considered later this year.

The Metal Experience 2013 – Part I (exclusively NL shows)

March 22 Stairway to Heaven, Utrecht 19:30 doors | 20:30 showtime | Free entrance
April 27 Perron 55, Venlo 19:00 doors | 19:30 showtime | presale at €7,50
June 7 NAXT stage, Almelo 19:00 doors | 19:30 showtime | presale at €10,
June 15 Kiehool, Burgum 19:00 doors | 19:30 showtime | presale at €7,50
Aug 2/3 Geuzenpop Festival Enschede 12:00 doors | TBA showtime | presale at €40,


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