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The Krampus Has Been Unleashed To Give You More Gore For Your Viewing Pleasure

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Care for a hug? It may involve disembowelment for no particular reason…image via Geeks Of Doom

Merry Christmas to horror fans around the world! Here’s a new release that will give you a good laugh and some well done beheadings to add to your holiday festivities. Meet The Krampus as you’ve never seen him before.

 A few fortune hunters in the Old West find the lost treasure of  German criminals related to St. Nick himself and end up awakening the Krampus who makes short work of them all. After the entire party is killed, the Krampus goes back to sleep, only to be awoken by a family on holiday who happen to stumble upon the same means to awaken the Krampus as the hunters. The body count rises as the creature targets the entire town, without caring if someone has been naughty or nice, with plenty of blood and guts to make even the most stoic horror fan happy. A few  remaining survivors pair up with the only survivor from the slaughter of the fortune hunters, who since the death of his party, has been reading up on all things Krampus in hopes of offing it one day. Things explode, people die, but the Krampus’ reign of terror is brought to an end, or at least that is what the survivors hope. However, nothing ever truloy dies in horror films, so get set for another sequel to this Germanic legend of terror and hate (or maybe he’s just misunderstood, but I’ll go with hate..)

Interesting plot and some solid acting help balance out the overall campy vibe the film has. The direction of the film gets a bit disorganized at times, but some well thought out death scenes help pull it back together. It’s a fun ride, and worth a go, just like the first one.

The official trailer can be seen here

Krampus Unleashed

Funhouse Features

Written and Directed by Robert Conway

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