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The Invitation- A Fresh Twist On A Classic Horror Tale


“Remember, they’re only people”


Directed by Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Jennifer’s Body) and starring Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) as Will and Tammy Blanchard (Into the Woods) as Eden, The Invitation takes you through an emotional journey of two people trying to move on with their lives after a devastating divorce, one through the comfort of a stable relationship, the other through a twisted cult of believers who make Manson look sane. It only gets better from there.

Will and Eden are former husband and wife who, after the death of their son, divorce and go their separate ways. After two years of silence, Eden invites Will, along with his new girlfriend, to meet up at their old home in the Hollywood hills to meet Eden’s new husband and reunite with some old friends and new, weird acquaintances. The meetup turns into a bizarre pitch for a death cult that Eden found refuge in from her grief, and where she met her new husband David. Throughout the evening Will continuously challenges Eden and David about why everyone was invited to their house, who exactly the weird guests were, and why were people suddenly disappearing from the gathering. Everyone thinks Will is losing his mind, until of course the first murder occurs.

The movie really does take you through a heart breaking journey of life and death with some unique twists. Just when you think the same horror movie standard action or death scene is going to occur, the film goes a whole new direction and takes you deeper into the ever changing madness that is the plot. Well written, interesting music score, and intelligent story line make The Invitation a worthy investment of your time.

Official Movie Trailer can be seen here

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