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The Covenant- Taking Demonic Possession To A Whole New Level

There are bad days, and then there’s this…

Demonic possession almost always makes for a good horror movie plot, but the cast and crew of Uncork’ed Entertainment’s The Covenant has really kicked things up a notch with outstanding results.

After suffering the loss of both her daughter and husband in separate accidents, Sarah Doyle (Monica Engesser) decides to leave town and move back to her childhood home with her estranged brother Richard Doyle (Owen Conway) in tow. Once settled into their “new” home, strange things begin happening in the house which kick off a series of mental breakdowns in Sarah to where she begins seeing her dead daughter playing outside, hears disturbing voices in her head, and starts to deeply cut herself, with the wounds healing in an hour’s time. Things begin to get so weird that a priest is brought in (as per the norm) by Richard to cast the demon out of Sarah, only for the clergy to find out that not only is he dealing with a ranking officer in Lucifer’s army who has possessed Sarah, but that she’s also with child, a child that was conceived under a horrific (and gross..icky…makes you want to vomit out your eyes) situation that will make Christmas with the family a bit awkward. Eternity is at stake in this twisted game of good verses evil, with no side a clear winner.

It’s always a bit of a crap shoot with indie films, but The Covenant is a fantastic movie that does this genre proud. The story line is smooth with some great throw backs to The Exorcist while still maintaining it’s own individuality. Well shot with a solid cast and good special effects, The Covenant is a wonderful find that certainly deserves a go with horror movie fans.

The Covenant

Uncork’ed Entertainment

Written and Directed by Robert Conway

Starring Monica Engesser, Owen Conway, Clint James

In Theaters February 7th

Official Trailer can be seen here:

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