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Taste The Sadness By Aussie Legend SPOD Is An Instant Classic

This guy…image via Rice Is Nice Records

Middle Age hasn’t sounded this good in a long time. SPOD has broken his creation hiatus to create an album of great depth using electronica and pop music to convey the struggles of arriving to that weird area in all of our lives where we all swear we’d never get to, but we all do, usually without even noticing. You want to hang out with friends, you want to hang out at the pub, you want to chat up that pretty girl looking at you from across the room, but the weight of knowing you’re heading into the last phase of your life knocks all your plans aside and you just want to go home and do nothing. Sound depressing? Yes, and that’s OK because that’s life sometimes. Taste The Sadness is a rare treat of a release, giving us touches of piano bar style singer/song writer music blended with handfuls of symphonic leads, Electronica beats and pop song structure that, while eclectic, showcases the complexity and genuine talent sewn into this release. Legend is, as legend does, and SPOD is no exception.

Watch the official video for Last Dance off of Taste The Sadness here

Album can be purchased here through Rice Is Nice Records

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