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“Tales Of Horror”: Two Masters Of Horror Come Together To Share Their Tales


Saturday, November 28th at 8PM Eastern on the Harvest Moon Motion Picture & Television Vimeo channel, “Tales of Horror” will showcases two masters of the genre of scare.  CEO of Harvest Moon Motion Pictures & Television, Shawn Anthony (SoulMate and The Haunted) and the Legend of Horror himself, Mr. Tom Holland (Fright Night and Child’s Play). These pioneers have assembled the art of fear for your viewing pleasure! This episode will be another “Tales of Horror” famous triple threat format.

Mr. Tom Holland introduces his high tech horror story “5 or Die” which takes the terrifying idea of the chain letter and giving it the fear factor that only could come from the mind of Mr. Holland.

Shawn Anthony spoils us with a double dose or horror with his short films, “The Price”, a witchy tale of revenge and the cost of getting it and “Blood Loss”, a story of a vampire who wants to become human again, but can she give up the power that comes with immortality?

And no episode is complete without our hostess, the one and only lovely goddess of fear, Lilith Death!

 “Harvest Moon Pictures & Television has provided a show worth rising from the dead for. The screams have been heard.  Nightmares will ensue, welcome to “Tales of Horror” ~ Shawn Anthony

“Want to see where the future of horror is going?  Watch Harvest Moon’s “Tales of Horror. This episodic series is a horror grab bag of scares, bloody good fun!”  ~ Tom Holland


“Tales of Horror” on the Vimeo Link: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/talesofhorrortv

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