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SVART CROWN Release Profane In North America


French death/black metal masters SVART CROWN have released their newest sonic plague, Profane, in North America via Listenable Records.

The band had the following to say regarding the new record, “Guys, the wait is over. We worked so hard on this album, you can not imagine. We put all ours guts, passion, energy during the past two years. Now our baby is yours. Go listen to PROFANE, take your time, it is full of details. It’s not an easy album but we are damn proud of it. Show your support and share this link to your friend. Let’s spread the madness.”

French site VS-Webine is streaming Profane in its entirety now at this location.

SVART CROWN is a that band has been willing to break the genre boundaries enhancing lethal grooves in a sadistic manner that won’t leave any listener in a safe and comfy world.
The main theme on Profane is full-introspection about humanity sickness and SVART CROWN deliver the soundtrack of a bleak world that has already ended to their eyes with this album. Album artwork was made by designer Stefan Thanneur (RUINS). Profane was recorded, mixed, mastered by Francis Caste (Kickback, Arkhon Infaustus, Phazm) at St Marthe studio in Paris.

JB LEBAIL: Vocals/Guitar


L.VEYSSIERE: Bass guitar




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