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SVART CROWN premiere new song


SVART CROWN Premiere New Song ‘In Utero: A Place of Hatred and Threat’ taken from the album ‘Profane’ on Decibel Magazine Website

“Profane” plunges the listener deeper into their punishing demonic grooves thanks to a massive and organic production. SVART CROWN here unveil their strongest and most intricate songwriting with a great emphasis on feel and atmosphere that will leave any fan of the genre sunk into genuine desolation.

With a main theme about humanity sickness, SVART CROWN hammer imaginative arrangements one after another. Transcendent and uncompromising, “Profane” is a testimony of the world going down.

RELEASE DATE : 22/04/13 (Europe) – 21/05/13 (North America)


01. Manifestatio Symptoms
02. Genesis Architect
03. Intern. Virus. Human
04. In utero : A Place of Hatred and Threat
05. Until the Last Breath
06. Profane
07. The Therapy of Flesh
08. Venomous Ritual
09. Ascetic Purification
10. Revelatio : Down Here Stillborn


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