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Sunday at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con

Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con, previously known as Stan Lee’s Comikaze, may have changed it’s name in 2016 but that did not change this show. It is still one filled with comics, artists, toys, collectibles, cosplay, fans and a variety of other things that may even defy definition at times.

It is a show where around every corner there is something else to find and even desire. Whether it is that book you have been wanting but hadn’t found yet. A crystal skull or perhaps a Pop figure to add to your growing collection (come on I can’t be the only one with this addiction). A sketch from an artist you admire and can’t believe your luck to finally get to meet. An actor who you just have to get an autograph from, maybe even a selfie with them if you are lucky. Or perhaps you have always dreamed of pitching a project for a television show. Well Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con was the place for all of this and much more this year.

There was so much to see and do that I simply can’t name it all. It is much easier to share some of the images from the day so you can see for yourself some of the people and things that I stumbled upon as I wandered the show on Sunday. Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed reliving the moments.

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