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STEEL PANTHER – 2014 live in Germany concert review by Don S.


Hair … guitars … rock! It was a sold out glam-rock-fun-metal-show when STEEL PANTHER played in Stuttgart! I suffered from a bad hangover this evening but even then I really enjoyed this kind of freaky-rock-show. Attitude, baby!

The band from L.A. that exists since the year 2000 celebrates the hair-metal-style from the 1980’s in perfect manner and presented a 2 hours show that was perfect for moshers and head-bangers with stiff-neck-guaranteed for the next day. And not only costumes, their attitude and music did fit – also what they had to say in between. It’s all about sex, being the best, having the biggest, banged the most and naturally drugs and alcohol.

They don’t take it serious and so the fans did not … it was a big big party to remember, though some of the not-any-more-so-long-haired metal-veterans in front of the stage my not remember anything of it. Probably not even the sexy girls the band brought up on stage for dancing and … finally (yeah) two of them flashed their boobs!’


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