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Star Wars expands its story with more movies and we love it

Ever since our first viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope, we have loved the movies and desperately yearned for more. We were thrilled with Empire Strikes Back and its ice world hoth and despite the Ewoks being a little too cute, we loved Return of the Jedi as well. Then we had wait … and wait… and wait…

Then, they decide to tell us the prequel story of parts I, II and III which would explain lots and allow us to see how our favorite characters met each other and what shaped their destinies. Love them or hate them, Episodes I, II and III did fill in a lot of the storyline and we actually loved them, despite a certain Gungan character.

We had always looked at Star Wars as the story of two droids, R2D2 and C3PO and the adventures of the creatures and humans around them. To us, the droids were the protagonists and not just the comic relief.

Then we waited some more and then Disney bought the franchise and a cold shiver ran down our spines as if we felt “a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror.” Would we land up with Star Wars Kids, Young Star Wars Princesses or worse… a Gungan movie…

Disney however did not disappoint and we have been thrilled with The Force Awakens and the soon be announced part VIII. They also promised us and delivered a movie that told us what happened right before A New Hope in the movie Rogue One.

So now we have to speculate what will Episode VIII bring us, we know we need to know what the heck Luke Skywalker has been doing in isolation and just who is Kylo Ren? We have decided to not speculate too much about this because at least now, whatever the story brings, we know that the Star Wars franchise is in good hands with Disney. (oh and Star Wars Land in Disneyworld coming soon? yes please! Stay tuned for more on that)



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