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SOLACE OF REQUIEM Release Drum Video


Sick Drummer Magazine has premiered SOLACE OF REQUIEM’s new video of drummer Dave Tedesco performing the song “Defiling the Spectrum” from new album
Casting Ruin. What does a gravity blast look like in first person? The answer is here.

SOLACE OF REQUIEM released their fourth slab of extremity, Casting Ruin, via ViciSolum Productions in August. The album is easily the band’s finest hour. These nine highly evolved, yet relentlessly violent tracks are as listenable as they are devastating.


Casting Ruin is available on digital and CD formats at: vicisolumrecords.bandcamp.com/album/casting-ruin

Classically Composed / Brutally Rendered . . Casting Ruin, will prove to be a benchmark in brutal, atmospheric and technical song writing. Incorporating the study of binaural audio into their already complex structures, SOLACE OF REQUIEM has used this knowledge to facilitate the unorthodox poly-rhythms and complex writing style found in their latest work. If you were to hard-pan your speakers left, and then right, you would practically hear two separate songs. Combining these two songs creates the illusion of a third (main) song. This is the technique from which SOLACE OF REQUIEM has created it’s original sound, unique to any known genre of death metal or black metal.

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