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Smoke Em If You Got Em Cuz Halloweed is Here


Serial Killers? These guys? Image courtesy of timesrecordnews.com

To escape their family’s terrible past, brother Joey and Trent Modine (played by Simon Rex and Shannon Brown) flee to a quiet little town in the middle of nowhere called Mooseheart, the epitome of close minded  uptight Americana. After a brief encounter with the local law enforcement leaves them shaken, they head over to a local house with rooms for rent and settle in only to find themselves renting from the most creepy and awkward landlord in town that hates drugs, hates them, but smokes weed for ‘medical” reasons. We all know that one person.

Itching for some weed, Joey finds himself at the mercy of the town drug lord Patches (played by Danny Trejo) who decides to take him on as him as a seller. While Joey is out making new “friends” and recruiting help via local stoner Quincy (played by Jason Mewes) Trent finds his own form of friendship in the form of a mysterious local woman named Madison (played by Michelle Mueller) who wants to show him the ropes of his new town. Everything is going just peachy until a wave of murders hits the boring little town and all eyes are on the mysterious strangers who just moved in and who also smell and act weird. It is also Halloween, one of the biggest town wide celebrations, and  election season, so the town politicians want the murders solved quickly at all cost. The boys are framed only to be freed by the strangest of means and end up coming through for the town that persecuted them by catching the murder and replacing the corrupt mayor with a new one, one that is sure to make Mooseheart great again (no, it’s not the Donald but close.)

Halloweed is the perfect stoner film for those who still appreciate high school humor, weed, and interesting story lines. While not my style of movie, the acting is really good, fairly smooth story, and fun as hell actors like Jason Mewes and Danny Trejo.

Now out on DVD, official movie trailer for Halloweed can be seen here


Written by Micheal Bussan and Dale Zawada

Directed by LazRael Lison

Starring Simon Rex, Shannon Brown, Jim O’Heir


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