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SHATTERED SUN Unleash Music Video for “Hope Within Hatred”


SHATTERED SUN have released the music video for the pulverizing title track of their debut album, Hope Within Hatred, which will be available everywhere tomorrow.

SHATTERED SUN vocalist Marcos Leal elaborated on the experience of shooting their first video, “Filming this video was kind of our first introduction to our new lives.  From the drive to Chicago, the 6AM wake up call, and the efforts of working non-stop for the next 14 hours, the hard work and dedication put into everything is something that’s going to shine.  We want to give our fans the best video possible.”

Hope Within Hatred is a song about overcoming tremendous adversity”, Leal explains.  “We wanted to show people with this video that sometimes the decisions we make can dig us so far down, that it would be easier to give up than fight to get out.  But we can all break through if we want it bad enough.”

SHATTERED SUN are currently exhibiting their metal madness to crowds across the US as part of the “Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour”, with Exodus and Testament.  Pre-order the album today.

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