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September Mourning and Top Cow Productions are Making Comics History

September MourningSeptember Mourning and Top Cow Productions are Making Comics History

Here’s your chance to be part of that history!

Before I get into what they are doing, let me just say I first met September Mourning two years ago at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Coincidently it was the same day that I met Marc Silvestri for the first time, which to this day baffles me as I had been following his art and attending SDCC for years. She is one of those people that you are just drawn to. Warm, funny and talented. I was fortunate to be able to interview September shortly following that first meeting and now I look forward to opportunities to see her at cons or concerts.  Since that first fateful meeting I have been fortunate enough to see her in action with the rest of the band when they played at the San Diego House of Blues. Can’t think of a time I enjoyed a show as much. Her background in ballet (bet you didn’t know that unless you read the interview) comes through in her movements on the stage, no not as a ballerina but the grace and purpose of her movement making it more than just music that you are listening to.

September MourningEnough of my rambling and onto how September Mourning and Top Cow Productions are Making Comics History and how you can be part of it.

Virgin Records artist September Mourning has teamed up with comic book legend Marc Silvestri(Wolverine, Cyberforce) of Top Cow Comics on a multi-media project. The debut album of September Mourning, produced by Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance), will premiere in Fall 2015, but the music shares a narrative with a comic book series which will be co-written and illustrated by Silvestri. The creative duo have partnered with a new crowd-funding platform, FanBacked.com, to make the first edition available for FREE. Fans can visit SkullFly.club to contribute the campaign and choose from excellent rewards and experiences. And for a limited time, you can visit SeptemberMourning.com for a free download of the new music, with a new track called “Superhuman”.

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