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Sensaphonics Announces Tech To Help Hearing Impaired Musicians


Sensaphonics has announced the 3D-ME, an innovative new approach to high fidelity listening for the hearing impaired. The “ME” stands for Music Enhancement, separating this system from all others. Based on the Active Ambient technology of the company’s patented 3D AARO in-ear monitor system, the 3D-ME can compensate for most common hearing deficits, bringing full-range music back into the lives of musicians and music-lovers alike.

“For musicians, hearing aids are simply not acceptable on stage,” explains Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics president. “In everything from frequency response to compression, they are optimized for speech intelligibility, and actually eliminate the high and low frequencies that make music so exciting. The 3D-ME takes the same monitoring technology we developed for touring rock stars and expands it to meet the needs of those with hearing impairment.”

3D-ME is poised to be a game-changer. By pairing the full-range capture of the 3D AARO in-ear system with complementary products like DSP, EQ, and mixers, Sensaphonics has created an alternative that can bring back the excitement of music, both on stage and in one’s living room.

Early adopters of 3D-ME are nothing short of ecstatic at being able to reclaim the hearing they thought they had lost: “The 3D-ME has made me completely euphoric about my music again,” reports David Zamos of Kent, Ohio.

Chicago folk musician Joe Kilroy says, “I’m hearing things like I never did before. Right from the start, I was amazed at how much more music I was hearing. When I tried the monitors with my banjo, it was a little bittersweet: How much of this was I missing my whole life?”

The centerpiece is the 3D AARO, a custom in-ear monitor system with Active Ambient™ technology. This creates full isolation from unwanted sound while capturing full-range room ambience with full, accurate directionality, allowing the user to blend direct and ambient audio captured by the embedded binaural microphones. The ambient sound is sent to an outboard processor, where the response is adjusted to compensate for the user’s specific hearing loss before being returned to the earphones as full-range, radiant stereo.

“Customer reaction to the 3D-ME has been phenomenal,” notes Michael Santucci. “It’s almost like they are hearing music for the first time. We’ve had nothing but thanks and compliments from everyone who has tried it.”

The Sensaphonics 3D-ME is available in a variety of configurations, customized to the user’s particular needs. System pricing starts at $2,600 retail. For more information, visit www.sensaphonics.com/3d

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