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Season Three Of Salem Is Everything You Ever Wanted And More


Oliver Bell as the Dark Lord

Season three of Salem is the best one to date. We get to dive even further into the fall of Mary Sibley, the reapperance of John Alden, and the shaping of Armageddon. Fans are in for one hell of a ride.

New alliances are formed as things begin to really fall apart in Salem, most of which hinges on the ever growing war outside the town involving the French colonists and Native Americans against the American colonists. With the untimely death of a beloved one, John Alden comes back to Salem to try and make sense of what is going on in the world around him. Once there he sees first hand just how unprepared the townspeople are to defend the city against the enemy (outside the gates) and is forced to help train the militia in preparation for a full out war. Needless to say, things don’t go well.

While this is going on, ever faithful town guard Issac Walton finds proof that there are indeed witches within the city, and makes it his mission to seek and destroy as many as he can, including an up and coming business woman who has a fascination with birds, and young female immigrants. We also see Cotton Mather in a new role, still a faithful fire and brimstone protestant preacher, but with a new burden to bear and his own war against the devil to wage; it is certainly a position no one should ever be in.

The Witches coven is still alive and well, and forges a new alliance with another witch in order to stop the Dark Lord from continuing his plans of not only world domination, but universal domination as well (go big, or go home they say.) Mistakes from the past come back to haunt them all, but with the revival of an outsider, they find a glimmer of hope to not only stop Satan, but redeem themselves as well. Fans also get to have an in depth look into the first battle between Heaven and Hell and the fall of Satan and his angels, and it’s nothing like you ever heard in Sunday school. Not in a sacrilegious way, but with depth and feeling, as though at one time, the fallen angels had feelings, hopes, dreams, and sadly genuine resentment. The fall of Satan had a greater impact on destiny than ever imagined. You will have so many questions answered this season, but will have a hell of a lot more going into Season Four, and you’ll be very happy about it.

This season has been an absolute treat, and I fully recommend it to new and old fans alike!

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