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Season One Of The Orville Holds As Fan Favorite For All The Right Reasons

Halston Sage as Lt. Alara Kitan (image courtesy of TVGuide.com)

With strong characters, engaging, relatable storylines, brilliant special effects, an incredible music score, and an all star line-up that exceeded expectations, The Orville is a stand out series that has done exactly it set out to do; bring a fresh perspective to the Sci-fi genre by building upon past successes with its own unique brand of wit, wisdom, and humanity.

These guys love their job. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

While critics have had a field day with the show’s resemblances to Star Trek TNG, the fans see it as a sign of love and respect towards the ground breaking series, and with its addressing of inflamatory social issues involving sexuality, religious superiority, and interspecies/race conflicts, Seth MacFarlane and company are doing some ground breaking work of their own.

When religious dogma is used as judge, jury, and executioner. Image via geekgirlauthority.com

While we won’t see Season Two until late 2018 Seth has given out a few hints of what to expect, mainly that we will see a shift from the current dramatic comedy platform to an emphasise on the Sci-Fi aspect of the series, but MacFarlane has also given a hard “NO” to the rumor of a Family Guy crossover so we can all let that one go.

Congrats to the cast and crew of The Orville on scoring another season! It was hard earned but well deserved.

Full episodes on Fox of season one can be seen here.

More information on The Orville can be found on the IMDb.

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