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SDCC15: Saturday of San Diego Comic-Con the Photo Edition

SDCC15 Harley CosplaySaturday of San Diego Comic Con 2015 was a mad whirlwind of activity, filled with panels, interviews, capturing cosplayers and artists at what they love while still trying to wander the floor in the few moments that could be squeezed between running back and forth to commitments. If you have never been to SDCC you may not realize how important both time management and crowd navigation can be in being able to get from point A to point B by a given time. Needless to say it was managed with the exception of one interview that had to be bumped to follow con as no teleported or time machine was available to be borrowed to squeeze just one more into a limited amount of time.

Before I get into the good of SDCC15 I need to remind people, sadly, that no matter how inconvenient security and the rules may be to some of us we have to remember we are not the only ones there trying to have a good time. After witnessing the embarrassment of two boys as the adult male with them became loud and belligerent I just need to remind people as adults we are setting examples for the kids that are there too. So if we don’t like how something is being done, we should handle it as adults and not as belligerent immature beings that think it is ok to be loud and rude to the people that are doing their jobs to ensure we all can have a safe and fun con. PSA done, now on to the fun!

The fun, the artists, the cosplay, the toys and more. So let’s see the highlights… having fun taking photos not only of September but also of Riven, both from September Mourning. Great people and a great band. They are starting their fall tour (or should I say Soul Collection) so check them out and if you can get to one of their shows, definitely go and join the soul collection.

As much as there was lots of wonderful cosplay on Saturday, as there is every year, my favorite had to be Margarita Man from Jurassic World. I almost looked behind me to be sure there weren’t any velociraptors about to snack on us, he definitely was in character when I took his photo (and getting across the con floor without spilling a drop was probably more challenging than not spilling them with dinosaurs attacking would have been.)

There was the fun of going with Bridget Silvestri as she went to pick up coffee for the Top Cow team and her coming across signage at SQP (I believe that was the booth) that had an image of one of her friends so we had to stop to get photos of Bridget with the signage so she could share it with her friend. Oh and then the fun of two people and 11 drinks getting back across the con floor without spilling a drop, though I wonder if Bridget’s boobies have recovered from having the hot drink tray leaning against them as we crossed with me repeatedly saying “excuse me, hot coffee coming through” trying to ensure we could get through the crowds and cross the bigger aisles without being bumped. Amazingly we made it and so did the much appreciated coffee. Strangely that was actually fun!

There was time watching Marc Silvestri, Linda Sejic and Stjepan Sejic sketching for their fans. Never ceases to amaze me watching an artist at work. A few seemingly meaningless lines on a piece of paper slowly coalescing into an amazing piece of art that makes the jaw drop by the time they are putting their signature on the page.

Watching the various artists and writers interacting with their fans, the ones that obviously enjoy doing this you can spot from a distance. Their entire beings seem to radiate that joy, that pleasure, eyes glowing with laughter. It’s a community, a grand extended family if you wish, that may only see each other at shows but shares a common love of pop culture and of each other. Seeing friends great each other sometimes after not seeing each other since the previous SDCC (or longer) and even of extending hearts and arms to somebody that had suffered a recent loss. We may have our favorites, characters, writers, artists whatever, but we are all there for some love of pop culture and those involved with it.

There was the moments watching a drone flying over Bayfront Park as I was prepping for one of the interviews of the day and thinking how it wasn’t long ago that Top Cow’s Think Tank comic first came out and how I hadn’t given much thought to drones before that. How they weren’t part of our normal vocabulary and we would have been shocked, maybe even a bit scared to see one flying over such a busy event, wondering what it was and why it was there. Now I was simply wondering, who was using the drone to capture overhead shots or video of the event and wishing it were me.

Enough with the words already, bring on the photos!

To view more SDCC15 Saturday coverage and photos visit Metal Life friend GoGeekGirl.com

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