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SDCC15: San Diego Comic-Con Thursday with Photos

SDCC15 Walking Dead ZombieHave you ever had a day, a Comic-Con or elsewhere, that is just a blur? One where you know you were there but what you said, who you talked to and what you did is a blur? That was Thursday at SDCC for me this year. If it wasn’t for the photos I might have thought it was simply a dream. Maybe I had slept through the day. But no, there are photos, and on my camera which does not get loaned out. That must mean I was there.

Only a few moments stand out crisp and clear…

Meeting Collin Kelly at the Boom! Studios booth for the first time and only an hour before I would be meeting with him and his Hacktivist co-writer Jackson Lanzing for an interview that will be coming to you soon.

There was the moment I once again attempted to capture photos of Chip Zdarsky without him realizing or hamming it up for the camera… I failed, he realized and did not disappoint with the hamming it up.

There was witnessing Jim Balent signing the thigh of Tarot. Seriously he signed her thigh! If you don’t believe me check out the photos.

So instead of stressing my brain and trying to remember every thing that happened and all the people I met I am simply going to leave you with the photos below.

To see more SDCC Thursday photos check out our friend GoGeekGirl.com.

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