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SDCC15: Friday of San Diego Comic-Con – The Afternoon Hours with Photos

SDCC15 Mad Max Fury Road Cosplay JennIvy Creative StudiosBy friday of San Diego Comic-Con the major social rounds have been made (except for those that haven’t arrived yet of course) and as this year my friday schedule was pretty clear, it was time for hanging out with friends or wandering the con floor. A relaxed pace that paid off in major ways. As with most people that attend Comic-Con I have a personal wish list of people I would like to meet. I was able to check off one more name on Friday afternoon, Todd McFarlane. But that is another story.

As always I wandered with camera in hand so I can bring you the sights, though not the sounds and fortunately for you none of the smells. Imagine if this were smell-o-vision… ewww on a hot con day, that would be disgusting. But no worries it was a bit cooler then most years for comic-con and we don’t have smell-o-vision so you can enjoy the sights without worry of crossing paths with an unbathed fanboy that needs to learn the meaning of personal hygiene.

You’ve already seen the morning hours for Friday in the SDCC15: Friday of San Diego Comic-Con – the Morning Hours with Photos post. If not you can pop over there to see the what I enjoyed seeing during Friday morning.

This time I will be bringing you the afternoon hours which started out at the Top Cow booth as we all awaited the arrival of Marc Silvestri, (and sorry Marc) for me even more eagerly anticipated was Bridget Silvestri. What a team these two make. You have the talent of Marc, who’s eye glitter to reflect his smile as he interacts with his fans, and the heart/soul of Bridget that lights up the booth and brightens the day of many that meet her.

On top of that you have the friends that are made over the years, such as Jenn and Ivy. Once again these two did not disappoint with their cosplay or willingness to let me take lots of photos to share with all of you. There was meeting a friend’s fiancé as he introduced her to the world of Comic-Con.

There is the ‘parenting done right’ when you find not only the parents cosplaying but their children as well (some of that is shown in the Todd McFarlane link above). There are the random cosplayers and booth shots.

There was the best Silent Bob I have ever crossed paths with. After I took his photo, as I was leaving, instead of telling me he liked my shirt (wish I could remember which one I had on that day), he silently mimed it to me. I will confess it took me a moment to figure out what he was trying to tell me but when I did I was all smiles. He was good!

But once again I am going on and on when what you want is to see what I saw. So here you go. Take a wander through the afternoon that was my SDCC15.

To see more photos check out our friend GoGeekGirl along with her coverage of Stan Lee and Todd McFarlane stopping by the Top Cow booth to say hi to Marc & Bridget Silvestri.

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