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SDCC14: Friday at San Diego Comic-Con Photos

SDCC14 - Cosplay - Maleficent - Jennifer Lengerich - San Diego Comic-Con 2014Friday at San Diego Comic-Con Photos

This was the strangest Friday of San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) that I can recall ever having.  Why is that? Because I couldn’t even get to the convention center until around 4:30pm.  What? You didn’t get there until 4:30pm?  How could that be? All my commitments for the day were over at the Hilton Bayfront (more about those in later pieces I promise)  So finally at 4:30pm the trek from the Hilton to the Convention Center was made (good thing they are next door to each other so it isn’t much of a trek)

At last I got to see friends and enjoy being surrounded by cosplayers, artists and all things geeky.  From there the evening becomes a blur so I have to say that recording the day (or even a few hours) with photos lets me relive the time.

Started off with almost getting banished by Monte Michael Moore for my rareified air comments until I made some quick save comment.  (If only I could remember what my quick save was).  Oh the rarefied air comments will have to be explained in one of those other pieces explaining my being tied up at the Hilton for the day.  And even now I still consider it rareified air.  [it will make sense, honest it will… well at least to Terry and myself it will]

There was the chance to enjoy some silly moments with Killjoy (Ivy Jennivy) looking like she was going o take the head of Robyn DeTorres, who didn’t seem to get the point that she should be afraid when Killjoy gets that little evil glimmer in her eyes.

There was Abby Dark-Star playing along as I took shots of her with Maleficent (Jennifer Lengerich), Killjoy (Ivy Jennivy) and Witchblade (Jacqueline Goehner).  You will have to look through the photos so figure out what she did to play along.

Taking photos of Marc Silvestri as he sketched for his fans.

The random cosplayers that caught my eye and had me wishing to capture them in photos (the safest way to capture anybody, especially if they happen to really be a superhero or super-villian)

There was Chip Zdarsky who seemed to notice he was on camera and decided to play to the camera with some funny expressions.  Though I usually prefer getting candids, people are much more relaxed in those) I truly enjoyed taking shots as he did those funny expressions.

As you can tell by this piece, the evening was fun, but trying to cram in a full day of being on the exhibit floor made for a scattered if fun evening.  It may not have been a full day but the fun that was being shared more than made up for missing the rest of the day.

But enough of my rambling scatter-gun update on the events of the evening. Here are the photos to let you see some of it for yourself.


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