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Screenwriter Richard Christian Matheson Joins Most Realistic Sci-Fi TV Series Ever


Prolific screenwriter and producer Richard Christian Matheson has just signed on to join the team of VOYAGER, which aims to be the most innovative and realistic television series about space exploration ever made.

The son of award-winning novelist and screenwriter Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), his many credits include last year’s Big Driver (story by Stephen King), Happy Face Killer (starring David Arquette) Chemistry, Nightmares & DreamscapesMasters of HorrorTales From The CryptKnight Rider, and The A-Team.

Richard joins the team weeks away from the project’s launch on Kickstarter, where he’ll work with series’ creator Nabil Sioufi to create the series using the crowd sourced ideas given to them by backers of the project.

VOYAGER will be the first TV Series of its kind, developed in part by its audience. Make sure to stay up to date on the VOYAGER social media accounts below, and stay tuned for more updates on the show over the weeks leading up to the launch!

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