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Today, SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT stream the new track “Down With Dark Lord” on Decibel magazine’s website. The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated new album, III – Lux Infera, released in North America last week via WOODCUT RECORDS. Going from strength to strength, III – Lux Infera is SACRELIGIOUS IMPALEMENT’s third album to date, and follows the critically acclaimed II – Exalted Spectres, released in 2011 by Hammer of Hate. Bolstered by a massive, all-analog recording, SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT’s new album emits a smothering dread and palpitating savagery, and yet exudes confidence and professionalism at every (dark) turn. And now with new vocalist Wrathprayer at the mic, exalting His glory, the SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT lineup is stronger than ever, fully committed to converting unbelievers with III – Lux Infera. Presented by North America’s only monthly extreme-metal magazine, SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT’s “Down With Dark Lord” can be heard in its entirety here: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/streaming-sacrilegious-impalements-down-with-dark-lord/

Tracklisting for SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT’s III – Lux Infera

1) Angel Graves
2) Down for Grim Lord
3) Scars for Scarred Ones
4) For Sins of the Pigs
5) Through Punishing Gates
6) Behead the Infants of God
7) Regain the Dormant Realm

8) His Gift Embodied
9) Deliverance from Unknown


WOODCUT RECORDS in an esteemed extreme metal label from Finland. With releases dating back to the mid ’90s, WOODCUT soon became ground-zero for Finland’s burgeoning (and now-dominant) black metal scene, releasing classic albums by the likes of HORNA, BEHEXEN, ENOCHIAN CRESCENT, TROLLHEIM’S GROTT, ALGHAZANTH, and THROES OF DAWN. More recently, WOODCUT RECORDS has had great success with critically acclaimed albums by VORUM and FORGOTTEN HORROR, among others.






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