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Rocks Off Announces First Ever Pro Wrestling Film Festival in NYC


Blood! Guts! Triumph! Heartbreak! Revenge! – These are all the cornerstones of professional wrestling, which remains the world’s most unique sport. Populated with unique characters that are portrayed by even louder personalities, and events behind the scenes that are often far more bizarre than what’s been scripted for its devoted audience, pro wrestling is one hell of an ever-evolving, always changing, fascinating subculture.


Hot off its successful Rock N’ Roll Film Festival this summer, ROCKS OFF, NYC’s sweetest concert promoter, is proud to announce that it will explore, exploit and spotlight the world of professional wrestling with the ROCKS OFF PRO WRESTLING FILM FESTIVAL. The first festival of its type in the world, The Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival will take place from Thursday November 21st through Saturday November 23rd, 2013 in New York City at the historic Kraine Theater.


The first annual Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival is proud to announce the first screenings set for this November’s Festival at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Sreet) in New York City:




Thursday November 21st – 7 PM Screening, Doors and Reception 6 PM


Colt Cabana is the most in demand independent professional wrestler in the world, in addition to being the most influential podcaster in the wrestling business with his groundbreaking Art Of Wrestling podcast. He’s also a filmmaker, and a world traveler renewed for his comedic abilities in the ring and on the mic.  His $5 wrestling dvd project is THE breakout best selling wrestling/comedy project of the past several years.  Just back from 24 consecutive SOLD OUT and critically acclaimed comedy performances at the Edinbugh Fringe Festival, RocksOff is geeked to be presenting $5 Dollar Wrestling’s presentation of Colt Cabana and Friends Sit In A Theater and Watch Bad Wrestling! Sit in on the riffing, live comedic insights and improv commentary by Colt Cabana and his talented friends as they verbally eviscerate and comedically choke slam some of the worst conceived and performed matches in wrestling’s colorful history.   You never know who will show up or stop by to sit in on this session, so don’t get shut out!


For more information and to order tickets to this screening visit –




SEVEN LEVELS OF HATE (2013, Director Adam Pearce)


Friday November 22nd – 6:30 PM SCREENING, Doors 6 PM


“Seven Levels of Hate” takes a deep look into one of the most celebrated feuds in the world of independent pro wrestling of the past several years between throwback villain “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and everyman hero Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana over the NWA World championship.  Originally designed as a film to document the creative evolution of their seven match series, real-life drama forces the film to take a sharp turn as legal battles change the landscape of the National Wrestling Alliance, forcing established creative plans to go to hell.  What happens when the wrestlers end up at odds with the promotion they are trying to help build and strengthen?  Seven Levels of Hate tells that tale.


“Seven Levels of Hate” director Adam Pearce will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A on the film and his career.  The film will be preceded by several “Steel Cage Shorts” to be announced.


For more information and to order tickets to this screening visit –



PRO WRESTLERS VS. ZOMBIES (2013, Director Cody Knotts)


Saturday November 23rd – 8:00 PM SCREENING, Doors 7:30 PM


If the cast of the Walking Dead could throw dropkicks and arm themselves with steel chairs, their lives would be a lot easier…or would it? Writer-Director Cody Knotts’  brand-new meshing of the zombie and pro wrestling genres sets an abandoned prison as the battlefield when a troupe of professional wrestlers are booked for a private show, only to find themselves face to face with the undead.  Unfortunately for the zombie nation, they aren’t just facing any group of professional wrestlers, they are facing living legends like WWE Hall of Famers Terry Funk and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Matt Hardy, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, former ECW World champions “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and Raven, Larry Zbyszko and even Olympic medalist turned WWE and TNA World champion Kurt Angle!


We are proud to present this special screening of Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, which will be followed by a special Q&A with Knotts and additional members of the cast and production to be announced!


For more information and to order tickets to this screening visit –



The first annual Rocks Off Film Festival will take place the weekend of 11/21-11/23 in New York City at the Kraine Theater.  The event will feature a number of special events and screenings including live appearances by Directors and wrestling stars for post-screening Q&As, a special comedy event as $5 Wrestling Presents Colt Cabana & Friends Watch Bad Movies and more – all to celebrate, spotlight and exploit the unique sporting genre known as professional wrestling.  All events will be hosted by Kevin Gill, the voice of Juggalo Championship Wrestling.  For more on all the events scheduled and complete ticketing information, visit www.rocksoff.com/filmfest

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