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Rock Legend RINGO STARR promotes Kids in the Car photo


On October 28th, Ringo issued the following statement in response to hearing that all the ‘Kids in the Car’ in his now-famous 1964 photo, currently featured in his Genesis Publications book PHOTOGRAPH, have been identified:

“How great that they found these people!  And how cool to now know a little of their story and what that moment was like from their perspective. Right now I’m off in Latin America on tour and I won’t be back until November when we play two shows at the Palms in Las Vegas.  I look forward to meeting them when I get back. See you in Las Vegas! Peace & love, Ringo”

The photo mystery was first announced in USA Today (http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2013/10/21/who-are-the-mystery-fans-in-the-photo-taken-by-ringo-starr/2997911/) which launched a nationwide search resulting in the discovery of these fans.

Metal Life Magazine was at the Palms in Las Vegas Nov 23rd for a press conference featuring Ringo Starr, an exhibit of Starr’s photographs, open to the public, featured prints from Genesis-Publications’ PHOTOGRAPH, including the now famous ‘kids in the car’ photo. The book and print exhibit showcased amazing moments in the famed drummer’s history that have been captured through the eye of Ringo’s camera lens. From Genesis Publications, PHOTOGRAPH, gives fans a unique perspective on Ringo’s life through previously un-seen images. Proceeds from the sale of PHOTOGRAPH benefit the Lotus Foundation. This event celebrated the book’s official publication date, and commemorated the conclusion of this All Starr Tour. This also marked the conclusion of the mystery that was launched when USA Today printed the now famous photo of the ‘kids in the car,’ (taken just after the Beatles landed at JFK nearly 50 years ago) and asked the public to help identify those pictured.

For more information please visit: www.RingoStarr.com

Here are some pictures we took at the event:



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