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Roberto Tiranti and Francesco Fareri special guests on next DRAGONHAMMER’s album


DRAGONHAMMER’s new album “The X Experiment” is taking shape ready to fall on you like a storm in October and the first two guests have been confirmed and recorded their stuff.

The first presence is the great guitar-hero Francesco Fareri (Jeff Loomis, Vitalij Kuprij, Virtual Mind) with a phenomenal solo in the song “My Destiny”. His support was great and absolutely enthusiastic.

The second contribute has been given by the unique and talented singer Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, A.P.D., Mangala Vallis, Ken Hensley’s Live Fire) involved in a spectacular vocal duet with the singer Max Aguzzi in the song “The End Of The World”.

Another prestigious participation will be confirmed soon for what promises to be one of the best discographic releases of the year.
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