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Review Of Aussie Music Innovators The Laurels Combine Groove Rock, Hip Hop, And Fuzz In Their Latest Release Sonicology


The Laurels bend to no genre….and it’s brilliant.

It’s been four years in the making, but The Laurels are set to release one hell of a follow up to their debut album, Plains. Time and experience (plus a line up change or two) has honed these mad cat’s style into one that cannot, and should not, be stuffed into a label or genre. Sonicology is here.

Filled with groove rock rhythms, intelligent lyrics, hip pop styled drum beats, and fuzz drenched guitar licks, Sonicology takes you on a journey of healing, conscience thought, and life itself. Each song is an entity unto itself but flows seamlessly into the next track, allowing the album to maintain it’s own flow continuity without becoming muddy. The sound is rich, the vibe is laid back, and the variety of tones and themes is spectacular.

Sonicology via Rice Is Nice Records out October 14 and can be purchased at http://www.riceisnice.net/the-laurels/

First single off of Sonicology, Hit & Miss, can be heard here

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