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Review: Lantern City #6 (with Preview)

Lantern City 6Lantern City #6

Created by: Trevor Crafts
Co-Creators: Matthew Daley and Bruce Boxleitner
Written by: Matthew Daley, Mairghread Scott
Illustrated by: Carlos Magno
Colors by: Chris Blythe
Letters by: Deron Bennett
Cover by: Benjamin Carre
Publisher: Archaia a Boom! Studios imprint

Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 14, 2015

The hardest part of Sander’s first days in the Grey Guard is adjusting to how much easier life is.

Still running a bit behind for a number of reasons but finally had a chance to stop long enough to read Lantern City #6.

Not sure whether to love or hate the creative team after this issue. Why? Because once again I have to wait to find out what happens next and this after a page turner that ends just as I gasped at the last panel in this issue. Oh this is getting interesting, or should I say even more interesting than it already was.

Just as you think you have a handle on certain characters they do something that makes you start to doubt the opinion you were forming of them, and I have a feeling that Sander is feeling the same way I am just now. I would love to tell you why, but if I did that then why would you read the book yourself. I can’t deprive you of that pleasure, between the writing, which makes you wish each issue was much longer and Carlos’ art, which raises the story to new heights with each panel, this is a book that is worth the time to sit back and savor.

Speaking of Carlos’ art, there is no missing the fact that in this episode issue we have again changed environments and are now in the splendid environ of the upper echelon (or realm of the one-percenters). The images are rich, colors a bit richer, details a bit cleaner, brighter and well tended.

From the opening panel to the closing panel the story moves at the pace of a good television episode, which considering it is part of a larger Lantern City TV project is no surprise, and makes for an engaging, page turning read. The downside? It makes me wish that Lantern City was on air now for us to see what they are creating in the television show. I have it on good authority that the comic book series lays a great foundation for the show.

People in real life do things for a multitude of reasons and the creative team is showing that these characters are no different as they continue to deliver a depth of character development that is sometimes missing in other series. Why these characters do certain things may not be clear until panels, pages, even issues later but this layer of ground work while methodical does not feel labored, instead it feels completely natural. In this issue we start to get glimpses into a few of the other players in Grey Towers. These glimpses have generated a sneaking suspicion their attitudes and reasons will play crucial roles in future events.

The intrigue in this issue is more prevalent, but the reader (and Sander) still can’t be sure who to trust and what their true motives are, which leaves only one question… Citizens, why aren’t you already reading Lantern City #6? Let us also remember that Mira Furlan Makes Her Debut in Lantern City #6 which becomes just one more reason to read this issue.

So once again, if you are not already reading Lantern City, GoGeekGirl highly recommends you get caught up. It’s still the early issues of the series so not that much backtracking to do, and well worth the effort to lose yourself in the world that is Lantern City.

Now where did I leave the keys to that Time Machine? Guess since that Time Machine currently only exists in my future I will have to wait for the next issue along with all the other readers out there.

This may be a record, 6 issues in and not one disappointment yet other than having to wait to read more, this is keeping Lantern City at the top of the Must Read list with yet another perfect score of 10 out of 10.


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