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Rebel Angels, new comic book series from SLG Publishing


Milton wrote that it is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. But is it? James Turner (Rex Libris, Warlord of IO)  asks that very question in his new comic series Rebel Angels, set to be released digitally in August.

Rebel Angels examines the ‘inevitable counter-revolution’ in the Infernal Realm, as the demons of Hell begin to imagine things could possibly be different, and that it might not be better to reign in Hell. Filled with things to appeal to the sinner in everyone, Rebel Angels has monstrous creatures, sacrilegious jokes, ideological dissidents, dysfunctional families and a morbidly obese Prince of Darkness, accompanied by  Turner’s trademark artwork. Reading like a riotously funny mash-up of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Monsters’ Inc, Rebel Angels is a treat the whole family can enjoy  – or as Turner himself says, ‘you’ll have a blast with lots of good, clean fun in the deepest pits of damnation and depravity’.

Rebel Angels will be available as a digital comic book series via  Comixology, as well as directly from the SLG Publishing website in August.

Issue #1 will be available as a free download at San Diego Comic Con.



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