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PSYCHOSTICK Posts New Lyric Video


PSYCHOSTICK have posted their latest lyric video for their track ‘So. Heavy’ from their new album ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’, which can be viewed below:

Plus with the holidays getting near, Psychostick would like to remind fans who are sick of Christmas music that they have the perfect holiday hate album just for you! Let this cynical album be your outlet as it’s the most brutal Christmas album there is. You can get your copy of “The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride” at the following link here and listen to the full album stream here.

In additional news, Psychostick recently wrapped up their tour dates w/ Downtown Brown, Fungonewrong and Hed PE and will be announcing 2015 dates in the new year.

About ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’:

Featuring tons of news titles such as ‘Quack Kills’, ‘So. Heavy’, ‘Blue Screen’, ‘Bruce Campbell’ (a tribute to the 21st century’s most beloved action hero), a spoof cover of Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger Zone’, guest appearances by Bill Manspeaker (founder of Green Jello), Neil Patterson and Rob Nichols from Downtown Brown plus their previously released singles, the beard anthem ‘Obey The Beard‘ (debut at #14 on US radio metal charts) and ‘Dogs Like Socks‘ (over 1 million views on youtube). ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’ is the perfect follow up to 2011’s ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D’ to add to the laugh makers many many popular comedy sing-a-longs and is now available on iTunes here, all major online retailers plus the band’s online store here.


IV: Revenge of The Vengeance

  1. Revenge of The Vengeance (0:42)
    2. Obey the Beard (3:53)
    3. President Rhino (2:12)
    4. H-Flat (0:20)
    5. So. Heavy. (4:48)
    6. Dogs Like Socks (1:09)
    7. Super Legit OFFICIAL Teaser #2 Explode (0:31)
    8. Quack Kills (3:29)
    9. Blue Screen (4:37)
    10. NSFW (3:13)
    11. Danger Zone (3:50)
    12. New To The Neighborhood (0:53)
    13. Loathe Thy Neighbor (4:57)
    14. AWESOME! (3:32)
    15. Choking Hazard (3:14)
    16. Fight to the Death (3:18)
    17. Bruce Campbell (2:40)
    18. Trick or Treat (0:40)
    19. Dimensional Time Portal (3:21)
    20. The Power of Metal Compels You (2:04)
    21. Outtakes IV: The Outtakening (3:47)

Album Length: 57:13

Behind The Scenes Video – Recording “NSFW” with Bill Manspeaker of Green Jellÿ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LFHhjSyQCY

Lyric Video – Quack Kills – http://youtu.be/yhyAm31cr2E

Lyric Video – Bruce Campbell – http://youtu.be/XxYJmfjVwqA

Lyric Video – President Rhino – http://youtu.be/3IyTipBayj8

Music Video – ‘Obey The Beard’ – http://youtu.be/q0kSuZFOwFE

Music Video – ‘Dogs Like Socks’ – http://youtu.be/swmuqGWgZCc


Harnessing their crazy sense of humor and love of all things metal, vocalist Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and guitarist Josh “The J” Key joined forces with drummer Alex “Shmalex” Dontre and bassist  Matty J “Moose” to create Pyschostick, a band they’ve coined as humorcore. With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics and high-energy performances, the band has caused millions of laughs around the world and hundreds of mosh pits across the US of A, often simultaneously, since its birth in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

Now residing in Chicago, IL, with four full-length albums behind them – “We Couldn’t Think of a Title” (2006), their holiday album “The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride” (2007), “Sandwich” (2009),  and “Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D” (2011), the almost 100 percent do-it-yourself laugh factory, Psychostick returns with their signature sound (Chimaira, Machine Head and Hatebreed sexing Tenacious D and Weird Al Yankovic) to showcase their latest offering, the crowd funded album ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’ (fan thank you video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSeQHqMCfJIdue out on November 4, 2014. Featuring a hilarious track listing that includes previously released singles the beard anthem ‘Obey The Beard’ and popular ‘Dog Like Socks’ plus new tracks such as ‘Quack Kills’, ‘So. Heavy’, ‘Blue Screen’, and a tribute to the 21st century’s most beloved action super hero ‘Bruce Campbell’. Psychostick are crazy to share with fans many more comedy sing-a-longs on the road and more!

For more info, music and tour dates, please visit the following links:




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