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Prophecy Records Releases Free Compilation


Prophecy Records has released a music compilation showcasing some of their artists The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve.
This CD is only available as a free bonus for orders of more than 25 Euro and is not being sold.

01. Darkher “Foregone” (edit)
02. Empyrium “Dead Winter Ways”
03. Alternative 4 “Lifeline”
04. Alcest “Délivrance” (edit)
05. Lantlôs “Melting Sun I: Azure Chimes”
06. Sleeping Pulse “Noose”
07. Crone “Houses Of Gehenna”
08. Bethlehem “Ein Kettenwolf greint 13:11-18”
09. Dornenreich “Das Licht vertraut der Nacht”
10. Falkenbach “Eweroun”
11. Oberon “Phoenix”
12. The Moon And The Nightspirit “Álomszövö”
13. Sol Invictus “The Path Less Travelled”
14. Duncan Evans “Bird Of Prey”
15. Fräkmündt “Zoge am Boge”


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