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Product Review: CraftABrew Home Brewing Kit


CraftABrew has sent us a home brewing kit for review since we love craft beer, we were excited to try this out. Metal Life editor Terry Bunch also co-owns BeerAlien.com so this review will be published on both sites.


Since we have experience in home brewing and these kits are designed for less experienced users, we decided to follow the directions to the letter as they are printed.

The kit we received makes a marzen (Oktoberfest) style beer. Inside the box, you find all kinds of equipment and ingredients. If you have never brewed beer before, some of the stuff will be a little bewildering. Printed in the instructions is a link to online videos (we have streamed them below) that will help make sense of everything. This is easier than you think.



The only equipment you will need that is not included is a large pot. While the kit works with 1 gallon of water, you will want a bigger pot to avoid boil-over. Boil-over is a huge mess to clean up and will discourage you to want to continue or could ruin your batch. We happened to have a 5 gallon aluminum pot so we used that.


The best part of the kit is the fact that the instructions are well written and precise. Make sure you read the whole set of instructions before even starting. You will need to understand each phase and plan accordingly before starting. Familiarize yourself with each piece of equipment and watch the videos to fully understand how they are used.

Most importantly, ensure you understand the sanitizing instructions. The most important part of the process is sanitizing your equipment. Failure to follow instructions on this and you will land up with infected and/or very unpleasant tasting beer.


Overall: 9/10

Ease of Use: 9/10

Equipment included: 10/10

Quality of Equipment: 9/10

Support Available: 9/10

We even helped a few shoppers at our local Barnes & Noble by explaining how much we liked this kit. Apparently wandering around wearing a Beer Alien t-shirt tells people that we are experts haha. Those shoppers bought the kits and we know that those people are going to enjoy making their own beer.

Instead of showing you pictures of us following directions, here are the videos we mentioned before. They are from CraftABrew and they will show the actual processes involved:

Overall Info Video:




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