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Parq Restaurant & Nightclub In San Diego Set To Unveil Newest Theme Brunch – Rio Carnaval


Parq Restaurant & Nightclub is set to unveil their newest themed brunch, Rio Carnaval. This new theme will start on Sunday, July 19th and will run through September, with brunch taking place the third and fourth Sundays of the month.

Following in the footsteps of their wildly successful Wonderland Brunch, the Rio Carnaval theme will “bring a bit of Brazil to Brunch”. The new theme will mix the vibrancy and flair of the famous Rio De Janeiro Carnaval with twists on popular Carnaval food and drink favorites. From Caipirinhas to Feijoada, alongside live performances, intricate themed costumes and more, immerse yourself in the wonders that are the Rio Carnaval Brunch at Parq.

The brunch menu includes Feijoada a staple Brazilian dish of beans and carne seca. Other brunch items include chicken & waffles, lobster frittata, french toast, mac and cheese and chilaquiles. On the “something sweet” side you can choose warm donuts, Sasquatch bread, peach cobbler and a chocolate croissant.


Parq Restaurant & Nightclub

615 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101

Wednesday-Thursday: 6pm-10pm

Friday & Saturday: 6pm-11pm



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