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Ozzy and Jack Osbourne Soak In American History for New Mystery Project


OZZY Osbourne and his son Jack Osbourne visited Colonial Williamsburg this week for a new mystery project.

In the photos taken at America’s largest living history museum, noted history buffs (and British citizens) Jack and Ozzy were spotted looking healthy and enjoying themselves as they soaked in American history and partook in colonial lifestyle by firing 18th century muskets and donning traditional Revolutionary War ‘crocked hats’ at Williamsburg’s brand-new musket range.

They also visited trade shops along Williamsburg’s famed Duke of Gloucester Street, including the local wig shop and the Second Street American Bistro where they took photos with guests and workers.

There are rumors that father and son are shooting a new reality-TV show about history, as aside from Colonial Williamsburg they have also recently visited the Alamo, Stonehenge, Roswell New Mexico, and Mount Rushmore.

Stay tuned for more info as we follow this story…

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