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OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine



Few movies have made it to the level of pop culture icon quite like the Back To The Future films. Their legacy is timeless. However, the center of the movie, the DeLorean time machine, isn’t, and after decades of neglect it was decided that she would be reborn. OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine is a documentary that chronicles the restoration process initiated by John Murdy with Universal Studios to bring back to life one of Hollywood’s most iconic movie props of all time. And the DeLorean needed help, badly.

Within one year the restoration crew, headed up by avid Back To The Future fan and production design extraordinaire Joe Walser and consisting of nearly two dozen volunteers, took the completely dilapidated DeLorean from an abomination to museum quality reconstruction. The process by which this team worked to resurrect the beloved Time Machine is incredible to watch, with some of the crew working non stop for upwards of 22 hours a day to complete the restoration by the deadline. Their tenacity, dedication, and pure stubbornness won out, and today the gorgeously restored DeLorean Time Machine can once again be seen at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

If you have any love for the Back To The Future films, or even just the car itself, you will certainly enjoy this journey of the saving of a piece of pop culture history.

Watch the trailer:

OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine (TRAILER) from Cricket Pictures on Vimeo.

For more information visit OUTATIME

OUTATIME: Saving The DeLorean Time Machine written and directed by Steve Concotelli





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