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NORSE Sign To Transcending Obscurity


Transcending Obscurity is proud to work with yet another forward-thinking and unique band believing in its own vision, Norse.

Label owner Kunal Choksi states, “The band is absolutely astonishing and uses unique tones and dissonant riffing to create atmosphere that’s at once intriguing and mesmerizing. The music remains somewhat unpredictable throughout and I’m sure this will be noticed among the sea of bands. I’m glad to work with a band from the black metal realm particularly.”

The band adds, ”Norse are pleased to announce signing to Transcending Obscurity records. Previous offers from record companies have not had the work ethic or enthusiasm, or offered the right deal as TO records has done. Our latest release ‘Pest’ will have an official, international release in early 2015. We are looking forward to working with them on ‘Pest’ and in the future on our new full length album.”

Stream the whole album here prior to its release – https://transcendingobscurity.bandcamp.com/album/pest-dissonant-black-metal

About the album –

Norse is playing a visceral, fiery form of mutated black metal. The music is highly dissonant, whipping out hooks and dirge-laden sections in places where you would least expect them. The music is intrinsically atmospheric, adding layers to your reality, and yet making complete sense. ‘Pest’ is the latest album by Norse, which is due for a re-release in early 2015 via Transcending Obscurity.

ADR – vocals, lyrics
Forge – All instruments

Norse Facebook – www.facebook.com/norse.official


Transcending Obscurity Facebook – www.facebook.com/transcendingobscurity

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